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Accident Report/Checklist (What to Do)

Had an Accident? Here is a step by step process on what you should do after an accident:

Download and Print the Accident Report /Checklist  and keep a copy in your vehicle.

1. Use your accident record card to document all the pertinent accident information.

2. Notify the police for:

 – Accidents involving injuries
– Collisions with combined damage to vehicles & property of more than $1,000.
– Vandalism, theft, and hit-and-run collisions.
– Each of these occurrences must be reported to the police within 7 days. You should report any vandalism or theft incidents immediately.

3. Call MPI at 985-7000 to report the accident, when reporting the accident, you will need:

 – Your vehicle registration and the driver’s license of whoever was driving your vehicle.
– The details about the accident (where, when, and how it happened).
– The details about any other vehicles and drivers involved.
– Information about any witnesses.

4. Not Drivable?

 a) If your vehicle can not be driven because of the damage, MPI will tow your vehicle to their compound, where they will estimate the damages before it comes to Vernaus Auto Body.

b)Call Vernaus Auto Body at 982-4540 or 982-4542 to advise us of your claim number and the adjuster’s name, and to notify us that your vehicle is being towed to the compound and will be delivered to us in the near future.

5. Drivable!

If your vehicle is drivable, call MPI to make a claim and they will set you up with a drive-in appointment to estimate the damages to your vehicle. After you receive your MPI Claim estimate sheets, you can:

– Bring them directly down to us at Vernaus Auto Body
– Fax them in to us at 947-2357
– Or give us a call with your Claim number and we can look it up for you. We are able to download your claim by simply using your claim number. Our Mitchell Estimating System is online with MPI and works instantly to retrieve your MPI Claim Sheets.

6. MPI Claims

When you are given your MPI Claim Sheets and are told it’s a write off, or the estimate says “Marginal Repairs,” or vehicle Damage exceeds Value,” this means that we may need to negotiate with MPI on the repairs to your vehicle. These negotiated repairs are always done as per the MPI estimate and to exact factory specific repair standards. They are also subject to MPI inspection.

We treat your vehicle like we would our own!