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Glass Claims are Now Easier and more Convenient

Vernaus Auto Body is now an MPI eGlassClaim Shop! You no longer need to contact the MPI Call Centre to make a Glass Claim.  Simply contact us if you need glass repair or replacement, and we will prepare your Glass Claim and schedule an appointment for you to bring your vehicle into our shop as soon as possible.  It’s that easy!
What is eGlassClaim?
eGlassClaim is a web-based application that makes filing glass claims more convenient. Using eGlassClaim, Vernaus Auto Body can link in to Manitoba Public Insurance’s systems and register claims for you.

Why eGlassClaim?

One call or visit will take care of registering your claim, confirming your coverage and scheduling the repair work. By contacting Vernaus Auto Body first, you skip one step—calling the Manitoba Public Insurance Call Centre.  You’ll get professional advice from the source: When you file your glass claim through us using the new eGlassClaim system, you’ll get the service and advice you need—all in one call or visit.

How does it work?

To report your glass claim, simply do one of the following:
  • Call 982-4540
  • Drop in at Vernaus Auto Body at 160 Higgins Ave
  • Email Us


       Have this information ready:
  • the driver’s licence document number of the registered vehicle owner (if the registered vehicle owner does not have a driver’s licence, you may use the customer number located on the vehicle registration)
  • the vehicle registration
  • the date/approximate time of day the original damage occurred
  • the vehicle’s licence plate number and Autopac policy number, along with the details about any other insurance you may have and your customer number
  • If the vehicle is registered to a company, you will need a customer number, located on the vehicle registration.

Where do I find my driver’s licence document number?

If you need more information, contact us now or call 982-4540.
 NOTE: Glass claims requiring special handling must still be handled by the MPI Call Centre  204-985-7000 or toll-free 1-800-665-2410